Surprisingly Awesome

Lots of things in the world seem ordinary. But when you dig deeper, it turns out, they’re fascinating. Surprisingly Awesome tells those stories.

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Surprisingly Awesome Trailer

November 1, 2015

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Show Notes

Gimlet Media is excited to announce the release of our new show, Surprisingly Awesome, hosted by Adam McKay and Adam Davidson.

There are a lot of things out in the world that sound boring, but when you dig in deeper, you discover that actually, they are fascinating. In this show, Adams McKay and Davidson explore these seemingly boring things and uncover their inner awesomeness.

The first full episode of Surprisingly Awesome will be released on Tuesday, November 3. Subscribe now and stay tuned!

This trailer features original music written and performed by John Delore along with his band mates, Jordan Scanella, Sam Merrick and Isamu McGregor.