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#20 Crying

September 7, 2016

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Show Notes

You cry when you don't want to; you can't cry when you DO want to. Tim Manley, literally the creator of "The Feels," helps us explore why we cry.


Surprisingly Awesome’s Theme Music is “This is How We Do” by Nicholas Britell and our ad music is by Build Buildings. We were edited this week by Annie-Rose Strasser, Alex Blumberg, and produced by Rachel Ward, Christine Driscoll and Elizabeth Kulas. We were mixed by Andrew Dunn.

Austin Thompson mixed Matthew Boll’s music. Thank you to Joe Staples. Jacob Cruz, Emma Jacobs, Tiffany Lee, Rikki Novetsky, Elah Feder, Melanie Kruvelis, and Jacqui Helbert provided production assistance.


If you want to hear more from Tim Manley, look for his web series “The Feels.” and check out his storytelling via The Moth.

Dr. Nina Kraus at Northwestern University sent us the Smoke on the Water music - you can learn more about her lab at

You can hear more of Matthew Boll at and follow him on Twitter @bigbearii.


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