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Lots of things in the world seem ordinary. But when you dig deeper, it turns out, they’re fascinating. Surprisingly Awesome tells those stories.

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#16 Follow-ups

June 28, 2016

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Show Notes

Journey with us back in time - but also forward in time because this is a new episode, revisiting old topics.

The Facts

Surprisingly Awesome’s theme song is by Nicholas Britell.  Our ad music is by Build Buildings. We were edited this week by Annie-Rose Strasser. We were produced by Christine Driscoll, Kalila Holt,Elizabeth Kulas, and Rachel Ward.

Rikki Novetsky provided production assistance. Additional music for this episode came from The Brotherhood.

Andrew Dunn mixed the episode.

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Trilobites Revealed!

Our friends over at Pushpin Visuals made this beautiful illustrated guide to trilobites to accompany our episode (click to make it big!).



Want to see the animated version? Head over to Pushpin's Twitter.