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StartupBus 5: Friday

December 15, 2017

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Show Notes

The Story

All this week we’ve been following StartupBus, a hackathon on wheels, where a bunch of strangers come together to launch companies in one week, all while on a bus. If you haven’t heard Monday’s episode, start there.
It’s Friday, the fifth and final day of StartupBus. By the end of today, one company will be crowned the winner of the competition. But before the final pitches take place, a mysterious opponent emerges to challenge the five finalists.   

The Facts Andrew Dunn and David Herman mixed the episode. Mark Phillips wrote and performed our original theme song. Bobby Lord wrote the special StartupBus theme song. Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music. Additional music by James Apollo, Michael Charles Smith, Jeff Whitcher, Golden Gram, Cassorla, Jagged Jaw, and Bobby Lord.