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StartupBus 3: Wednesday

December 13, 2017

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Show Notes

The Story Every day this week we’re following StartupBus, a hackathon on wheels, where a bunch of strangers come together to launch companies in one week, all while on a bus. If you haven’t heard Monday’s episode, start 

there. It’s Wednesday, day three on StartupBus. Teams have just 24 hours left to refine their pitches before the competition begins. And reporter Eric Mennel sits down with some of the bus riders to learn more about why they signed up for this unusual hackathon in the first place. 

The Facts Andrew Dunn and Mark Wilkening mixed the episode. Mark Phillips wrote and performed our original theme song. Bobby Lord wrote the special StartupBus theme song. Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music. Additional music by Legs, Graham Barton, Trimountaine, Golden Gram, Get Better, Michael Charles Smith, Jeffrey Lewis and Bobby Lord.