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How To Invent A New Sport

June 23, 2017

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Show Notes

The Story Mason Gordon’s dream is to create a new global team sport, something that hasn’t happened since basketball came on the scene in the 1890s. But Mason is determined. He invented Slamball—an amped up combination of basketball and football that’s played on trampolines—nearly twenty years ago. He had some splashy early success and got two seasons on TV. And then Slamball seemingly disappeared. But Mason is still at it, and now Slamball is surging in popularity on the other side of the globe. The Facts David Herman, Andrew Dunn, and Ian Scott mixed the episode. Mark Phillips wrote and performed our theme song. Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music. Additional music by White Flowers, Jupyter, Kevin J Simon, Kid Prism, Rosasharn, and the wonderful, Bobby Lord. Our Sponsors

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