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Domains 1: The .com King

September 1, 2017

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Show Notes

The Story

 StartUp is back for a brand new season, and we're kicking things off with a story about the competitive world of domains. Reporter Amy Standen brings us the story of Rick Schwartz, who earned the title “Domain King” by building a portfolio of dot com web addresses worth millions. But why is a “.com” address worth so much in the first place? And why doesn’t Gimlet own “”? And coming up this season, we'll hear from startups in unexpected places.  We'll go to the Mojave Desert for a self-driving car race, we'll take you on a cross-country bus ride for a hackathon on wheels, and we'll head to China to track their growing pop music scene. 

The Facts
Mark Phillips wrote and performed our theme song. Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music. Additional music by Bobby Lord, Takstar, Bienart, and the band Hot Moms Dot Gov. David Herman and Ian Scott mixed this episode.