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Church Planting 5: The Retreat

August 10, 2018

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Show Notes

The Story:

This is our fifth and final episode following pastor AJ Smith, who has been trying to grow a new church in Philadelphia. It’s a process that has come with all sorts of existential problems, but also… some very practical ones. In order for Restoration Church to become self-sustaining, it needed to double in size by the end of the year. We’re now half-way through that year and the big question is, how close are they? 

To cope with the stress of starting a church from scratch, and to seek clarity on how to move forward, AJ takes a trip into the woods with reporter Eric Mennel.

But over the course of the day, Eric finds himself reflecting on his own relationship with God, confronting a question he has been trying to avoid for months: Why has he stopped going to church?

Hear about the future for Restoration, and a bit about Eric’s fraught relationship with faith, in the fifth episode of our series

The Facts:

Peter Leonard mixed the episode. 
Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music.
Additional music by Peter Leonard, Haley Shaw and Tim Howard.

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