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Church Planting 3: The Paradox

July 20, 2018

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Show Notes

The Story:
In the world of church planting, every Sunday counts… but there are a couple Sundays each year that can truly change the fate of a church. One of them: Easter. If you want to grab somebody who is open to church, but for whatever reason isn’t going, Easter is the time to do it. AJ and Leah need to double the size of Restoration by the end of this year, so they need this day to go well. They don’t have a fancy egg-dropping helicopter or an egg-shooting cannon like some churches do, but they do have a plan… one that involves 100 frozen chickens. In this week’s episode, we follow AJ and Leah as they give everything they’ve got to make their plan work and watch them navigate the fine line between success and faith.

This is the third episode in our series on Church Planting. Listen to the first episode here

The Facts:
Peter Leonard mixed the episode. 
Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music.
Additional music by Bobby Lord, John Kimbrough, and Haley Shaw.

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