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Church Planting 2: The Pastor

July 13, 2018

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Show Notes

The Story
It takes more than just a calling to start a church. You need a following. You need money. And to get that money, pastors often have to pass a kind of test.  Welcome to the wild world of assessment. 

There’s  whole industry of professional assessors who use psychological tests, behavioral interviews, role-playing scenarios and more, to try to determine if a pastor will be able to create a successful church. In this week’s episode, AJ goes to assessment camp — but he doesn’t go alone. Spouses are required to get assessed too. Just imagine an intense round of couples therapy, but as part of your job interview. That’s what assessment can feel like. 

This is the second episode in our series on Church Planting. Listen to the first episode here.

The Facts:
Peter Leonard mixed the episode. 
Mark Phillips wrote and performed our original theme song. 
Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music.
Additional music by John Kimbrough, Haley Shaw and Peter Leonard.

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