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Arlan Hamilton 3: Picking Winners

May 11, 2018

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Show Notes

The Story
Like most venture capitalists, Arlan Hamilton plans to find the next billion dollar company by pattern matching—that's when VCs look to entrepreneurs who've been successful in the past and pick founders that match those qualities. Most VCs pattern match for people like Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, but Arlan pattern matches for something different. 

How does Arlan predict who will be successful? And does she have the runway to prove out her theory?

This is the third episode in a six-part series on Arlan Hamilton and her company, Backstage Capital. 

The Facts
Peter Leonard mixed the episode. 
Mark Phillips wrote and performed our original theme song. 
Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music.
Additional music by Jupyter, Hot Moms Dot Gov, Graham Barton, Blue Dot Sessions, and the delightful Bobby Lord.