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Dating Ring 3: Another Side Of The Story (REBROADCAST)

June 9, 2017

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Show Notes

The Story
This week we’re rebroadcasting an episode from way back in Season 2 when we were following Dating Ring, a company that was different from other dating sites and apps because it used matchmakers to help its customers go out on dates. This episode picks up just after the co-founders of the company, Lauren and  Emma, finished Y Combinator (a prestigious startup accelerator) and started pitching angel investors. You’ll hear them struggle to raise money—while wondering if their company was floundering for reasons completely outside of their control.

The Facts Our theme song was written and performed by 

Mark Phillips. Season two of Startup features brand new original music, written and performed by our own John Delore along with his band mates, Jordan Scanella, Sam Merrick and Isamu McGregor, Jon LaDeau, and Dominic Fallacaro.