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#18 'Tickle Me'

June 13, 2016

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Show Notes

We asked listeners to recommend funny podcast moments, and boy, did they come through! Our senior producer Sarah plays some of the best suggestions for Brittany.

**Warning, this episode contains adult language.**

Episode #18 features clips from the following episodes (please click below for hyperlink to episodes):

The Great Debates, "Episode 68: Parades Are a Waste Of Time and Resources" (recommended by David Hart)

CoolGames Inc, "Episode 9: Basketball Ignoring Simulator (feat. Tara Long)" (recommended by Ross Llewallyn)

Harmontown, "Episode 135: Wide" (recommended by Matt Young)

The Facts:

This episode was produced by Rose Reid, Sarah Abdurrahman, and Brittany Luse with help from Kate Parkinson-Morgan.

It was edited by Annie-Rose Strasser.

Our theme music was made by Micah Vellian and our ad music was made by Mark Phillips.

Additional music in the show was by Bobby Lord.

The show was mixed by Matthew Boll.

Sampler is a production of Gimlet Media.

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