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#14 'All The Ways To Say Lemonade'

May 9, 2016

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Show Notes

Using a baseball bat, mix celebrity gossip, poetry, powerful women, and then stir in rumors of infidelity—Brittany and NPR Music's Kiana Fitzgerald break down the ingredients of Lemonade, Beyoncé's latest visual album.

**Warning, this episode contains adult language.**

Episode #14 features clips from the following episodes (please click below for hyperlink to episodes):

NPR's Morning Edition, "Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Is Defiant In The Midst Of Upheaval"

The Read, "Lilac Lemonade"

Slate's Trumpcast, "No Koch Money," (sketch by Steve Waltien of Second City)

Jalen & Jacoby Show, "Warriors Breakin' Records Even Without Wardell, 1st Round Sweeps, Lemonade Served, Bryon Scott Fired and Twitter Questions: 4/25/16"

TalkPoverty Radio, "Lemonade"

Another Round, "I am Lola LaFway (With Nichole Perkins)

The Facts:

This episode was produced by Rose Reid, Sarah Abdurrahman, and Brittany Luse with help from Kate Parkinson-Morgan.

It was edited by Annie-Rose Strasser.

Our theme music was made by Micah Vellian and our ad music was made by Mark Phillips.

The show was mixed by Matthew Boll.

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