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#61 Baby King

April 14, 2016

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Show Notes

This week, Alex stumbles upon the weirdest gifs ever made, and goes hunting for their creators. Also, a new Yes Yes No.

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The Facts

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Our theme music is by the Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder


"Jif" pronunciation version of this week's episode:

The Gifs

Man with Jack Nicholson Hairline Sharpens Axe

Uncle Sam Tightens Screw in Man's Butt

Caveman Tasting Money


Ice Skating Couple

Remote Control Kid

Gymnast with Austrian Flag

Jesus and the Devil on a Cliff

Man Bound and Gagged With Alien

Rotating Virgin Mary

Vampire in Bathtub Full of Blood

Mt. Rushmore Presidents Do the Can-Can

George Washington Peace Sign

Sombrero Wearing Cactus Shakes Maracas

Matt Lieber