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Case #4 Vanity Plate

June 18, 2015

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Show Notes

The Case:

Starlee and her friend Miranda get stopped at a red light and see something shocking.  

The Facts:

Mystery Show is produced by Starlee Kine, Alex Blumberg, Melinda Shopsin and Eric Mennel. Producing help from Phia Bennin. Eli Horowitz is contributing editor. Engineering help by josh Rogosin. Thanks to Matt Lieber. Logo by Arthur Jones.  Thanks to Matt Carlin and Darren Foster. Special thanks to Miranda July.

The Music:

Original score by the band White Dove

Closing song "Go Far" written and produced by Emmy the Great, performed by Emmy the Great, Leo Abrahams and David Gardener. Go Far was mixed by Dave McCracken. Additional score used in the episode was written, performed and mixed by Emmy the Great too.

Opening theme song “Those Mysteries” was written by Russell Mael and Ron Mael and performed by Sparks.

Our ad music is by Build Buildings.

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